Pyramid zoom issue with clock sign on OMERO

Dear OMERO support team,
We are focusing a problem with OMERO webclient and the insight, that most of our uploaded (tif) pictures, showing the clock sign and generating a (pyramid zoom) when we click the full view, and we couldn’t view these pictures at all, also some times it gives that the picture is in invalid!
We have OMERO insight 5.5.9

Hope for your fast and urgent response

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 11.49.06 PM|690x408


the pyramid clock appears when no pyramidal resolutions were detected in the original file of an image with large XY dimensions and indicates the fact that OMERO is internally computing pyramidal levels. The completion of this process will depend on the original format as well as the size of the image.

From your screenshot, I see your data is stored as 20Kx26K tiled TIFFs. Do you know whether pyramidal levels are also present in the original file format? If not, have you considered precomputing and storing these pyramidal levels before importing into OMERO to improve the overall experience? Tools like the ones described in Converting Whole Slide Images to OME-TIFF: A New Workflow might be useful if you wanted to go down that route.