pyRadiomics GUI in ImageJ


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For users interested on calculation of Radiomics features, there is an amazing project driven by Harvard university called pyRadiomics (see pyRadiomics website).
They made a free and open source software in python to calculate 200+ Radiomics features.

Based in python, I wanted an integration in ImageJ ecosystem.

So I build a Java GUI to drive pyRadiomics and retrieve results.

In short my software take ImageJ stacks, save them in nrrd file in temporary file and ask pyRadiomics for calculation and output the results in a CSV.

It is not a real “technical integration” however it allows ImageJ user to get a user friendly way to benefit for all pyRadiomics feature (see screen capture below).

Of course before any usage, pyRadiomics software have to be installed in the computer first (see their documentation : as this GUI interact with pyRadiomics through the terminal.

The ImageJ jar can be dowloaded here :

The sources are one the same git (GPL licence)

This is a beta test version so if you depict bugs please notify.

This contribution will join our free and open source PET/CT viewer update site in the future (

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