Pyimagej and Java install and incorrect processor and ram from info

Hi there, so I have got my pyimage enviroment to work but when I run the following code, i notice this issue that my intel processor is getting seen as an AMD and the max Ram available is 3618MB. My laptop has 16GB available not 4GB as stated here! .


ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-71/1.52i; Java 1.8.0_192 [amd64]; 34MB of 3618MB

Im a bit hesitant to go and mess with the following settings since i dont want to brick the install?

The only thing I can think it is doing is that my GPU is 4GB and is an Nvidia GTX 1060 with AMD64. Any ideas on how I can switch it to my normal ram?

Would appreciate the help!

Any ideas? Would be much appreciated.

When you start up ImageJ, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) allocates a certain amount of your RAM, in your case 3618MB.
There’s a section in the pyimagej documentation explaining how to change the amount of available memory when you initialize ImageJ:

import scyjava_config
import imagej
ij = imagej.init()

Hope that helps.

Well I feel stupid! I thought that read as 34MB assigned to 4gb of ram! Great I’ve not been stupid then in other ways!