PVM probe to quantify the number and the size of H2 and O2 bubbles. How?

Hello! My name is Thiago Ribeiro and I am doing my PhD in electroflotation. I use the PVM probe to generate images of oxygen and hydrogen gas bubbles. My goal is to quantify the number of bubbles and the size of the bubbles. Unfortunately, this is my image. Would it be possible to do this analysis using software such as ImageJ? I deeply appreciate all the attention.

Try the Hough Circle Transform. With a brief trial and error on a part of your (thresholded) image I got this result:
Hough Circle !

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Hello eljonco, I am deeply grateful for your cooperation. I’m new to ImageJ. I installed the Hough Circle Transform (plugin). I’m trying hard to reach the same result (or better, if possible), but the plugin identifies several wrong circles, that is, they are not bubbles. I’m trying to change the plugin’s parameters. Any help will be very well received.

I am not an expert on the Hough transform. Sorry. I merely wanted to point your attention in the right direction. Of course, you now can lift the supposed circles from the image and perform more validating image processing on them, or go for someone with more knowledge of Hough Circle transform.

Hello eljonco, I understand perfectly. I really appreciate your cooperation. I am trying to maximize correct recognition, without so many false positives. Best, Thiago.