Published literatures using Cell Profiler for in vivo tissue

Hi again!

I have developed a pipeline that identifies cells in rat brain tissues. It worked out pretty good and I got sizes and pixel intensity data from thousands of cells. I found that my treatment group had larger cell sizes and increased expression intensities. I am very excited to publish the data!

However, when I discuss the data with my boss, he concerned if anyone have published such data (quantifications of cell sizes and expression intensities etc) that were produced by using in vivo tissue images. In order to convince him I have been checking the citation list at the official Cell Profiler website, but couldn’t find one yet.

Can you recommend me any literatures using cell profiler to quantify cell sizes and intensities using in vivo tissue images (not in vitro culture system)?

Thanks! I really appreciate for your help!

I don’t have citations that leap immediately to mind, but I know that we get a fair amount of demand for quantification of tissue IHC slides, especially tumors.

In fact, I tried googling “tma cellprofiler” (“tma” for “tissue microarray”), and saw a number hits. Could one of them be helpful?

Hi Mark!

As you suggested, I googled under “google scholar” for tissue microarray AND cell profiler. Several came out, but none of them satisfy both TMA AND Cell profiler. They approach TMA analysis in tissues but I couldn’t find any using Cell Profiler to analyze them.

Among hits you found, can you give me one example that uses Cell Profiler for tissue analysis?

Thanks again!

We published an aptamer proteomic screening paper where I used CellProfiler to compare the density of ESAM+ endothelial cells in human lung tumor tissue relative to each patients’ normal adjacent tissue.

“Protein Signature of Lung Cancer Tissues” … ne.0035157

I forgot, here’s one that I’m an author on :smiley:
Elkabets M, Gifford AM, Scheel C, Nilsson B, Reinhardt F, Bray MA, Carpenter AE, Jirström K, Magnusson K, Ebert BL, Pontén F, Weinberg RA, McAllister SS (2011) Human tumors instigate granulin-expressing hematopoietic cells that promote malignancy by activating stromal fibroblasts in mice. Journal of Clinical Investigation 121(2): 784-99

@derek: Thanks for the additional reference!