Publish artifact to imagej.public

I’d like to publish an artifact for a FIJI plugin to imagej.public ;
What are the requirements and steps to do so?
The pom has for parent: "fiji-pom"

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If it is a Fiji plugin, that means it is part of the Fiji update site, i.e. “core Fiji”. To be included in Fiji, you must meet the Fiji contribution requirements. And in that case, the infrastructure (Jenkins job) will be set up which automatically builds your code and deploys it to the ImageJ Maven repository.

From your request though, I am guessing you mean an ImageJ plugin which is not part of core Fiji, but for which you want to publish Maven artifacts to, to make it available as a dependency for downstream code.

This would certainly be possible, depending on a couple of factors. First of all: where is your plugin source code?

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Hi @ctrueden ,
Thank you for your quick reply.
You are right, the plugin is not part of core FIJI, but is distributed through the FIJI updater.
It is open source and the source code is avaiblable on github.

Out of curiosity: this one?

Next question: do you want to publish snapshot builds to the imagej.snapshots repository (part of the imagej.public group?). Or only publish your releases to imagej.releases (also part of imagej.public)?

The simplest way to enable automatic deployment of your project would be to set up a job in the ImageJ Jenkins which builds and deploys your code. Then you can use the double push to master strategy to publish release versions to the ImageJ Maven repository. Unfortunately, this strategy does not really create “proper” releases—see the previous link for details.


Hi Curtis,

Actually we would like our work from the 3D Suite to be available more easily, especially for our other software TANGO. The code is available on github : . We were wondering how to publish the artefacts, sorry we are a bit new to maven :wink: . Thanks for your support.



Hi @ctrueden
I think if it’s possible, we would publish both snapshot and releases.
So how should we proceed so set up a job in the ImageJ Jenkins ?