Public User Configuration OMERO Web 5.6.3

Hi there,

We recently upgraded our school’s OMERO server from 5.4.10 to 5.6.3. With the previous version, we had configured the public user settings as in the instructions at and access worked as expected, without needing to login. However, with the new version, we cannot seem to get it working, after following the instructions at

I have also tried to configure the public user in both my 5.6.1 OMERO server and 5.6.3 OMERO web Docker containers, and I couldn’t get those to work either. I created the public user/public-data group in the UI and I ran the following commands on both my server and web containers:

/opt/omero/[web|server]/OMERO.[web|server]/bin/omero config set omero.web.public.enabled True
/opt/omero/[web|server]/OMERO.[web|server]/bin/omero config set omero.web.public.user 'public'
/opt/omero/[web|server]/OMERO.[web|server]/bin/omero config set omero.web.public.password '<password>'
/opt/omero/[web|server]/OMERO.[web|server]/bin/omero config set omero.web.public.url_filter '^/iviewer|webgateway/(?!(archived_files|download_as))|webclient/(?!(script_ui|ome_tiff|figure_script))|api'
/opt/omero/[web|server]/OMERO.[web|server]/bin/omero config set omero.web.public.server_id 1
/opt/omero/[web|server]/OMERO.[web|server]/bin/omero [web|admin] restart

Please could you advise what I might be doing wrong? Many thanks.

Best wishes,


This sounds like omero-web is not picking up your config.

Do you have $OMERODIR environment variable set in the omero-web environment?
This is used to define the location of the config.xml.
You should see the settings in xml e.g.:

cat $OMERODIR/etc/grid/config.xml

You should be able to see your public config when in the omero-web python virtual env:

$ omero config get | grep public

However, if you set the config and restart web in the same environment, then I would expect that to work, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.