Public hosting of the multiplexed imaging data sets

Hi all,

We have been using multiplexed (4-25 channels) fluorescent imaging as a way to profile human primary T cells and would like to put each of these generated data sets in a public repository to share the data and also easily test our computational approaches against them. A single typical sanity check experiment (5x5 grid with ~30 Z slices and 4 channels) usually ends up taking around 10Gb of space.

We currently use Google Cloud to back them up and host them but due to the costs associated with the outbound network traffic, we think it might not be feasible to host the data on Google Storage solution in the long term. We are looking for a hosting option where we can programmatically access the data and publicly share it without any harsh restrictions (inbound/outbound limits).

Any recommendations?


Hey @armish,

Thanks for being proactive about making things public. Here are two services I’ve heard good things about:



You might also want to have a look at the Image Data Resource (IDR):


Thanks for mentioning these, John. We use Zenodo to DOI-ify our GitHub repos and I used to use Figshare for other purposes but both require uploading files individually, which is not feasible in the long term. Ideally we would like to have the option to upload/sync programmatically and combine hundreds of files individually into single datasets. If none of the other options work out, we might have to resort to these, though.

Thanks, Jan! IDR definitely looks appealing. I will reach out to them and see if they are OK with us uploading batches of data that are not necessarily linked to publications (yet). Hopefully they will be fine with that.