Protocol for flagged users



Dear community,

while discussions in any community can get heated from time to time, we ask you to bear in mind our community guidelines! If you think another member of our community is violating those guidelines, please flag the according post(s).

We (the moderators) had a discussion about our protocol for flagged users recently. With this post we’d like to inform everyone of the following protocol:

  1. A staff member sends a formal warning to a user if he/she has received 3 flags within 1 month. This formal warning should state that on the next flag a vote will be triggered among the moderators with the outcomes described below.
  2. If the user has already been formally warned, we initiate a vote regarding the next steps. Options on this vote:
    a. do nothing for the moment;
    b. send another formal warning;
    c. temporary ban for 1 week; or
    d. permanent ban.
    The vote stays open for 3 days before being closed or reaching a quorum of 25% percent of moderators. If no decision is reached (or it is “do nothing for the moment”) life continues until the next flag.

All the best,
your moderators