Protocol for Feature Detector : Problem to save files in a new folder

Hi All,
I am try to draw a protocol but hardly find the way to save files in a new folder.
At this point the protocol creates the folder but saves an image without name that I can’t open
Can I get help please !!! I expect that the protocol is attached with the message.
thanks for your help

Batch Feature detector.protocol (8.1 KB)

Dear Eric Denarier,

You need to specify the name of the image:
In the block Append file path, for the parameter “Add suffix”, write the name of the image you would like to save preceded by a file separator (\ or /, I think it depends on your OS).

For instance, on Windows, I wrote “\testimage”. This saves a testimage.tif file in the folder defined in the block Create folder.

I hope this solves your issue.
Best regards,

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Thanks for your help but it does not work with several files.
I am lost because I can create a new folder but I am unable to save something in it.
I send my new protocol and the image of the folder after running the protocol !!!
My original images are named Substack000.tif
Batch Feature detector.protocol (9.4 KB)

Dear Eric,

You need to add a file separator between the folder name and the file name. If you look more closely at the name of the files you saved, you’ll see that they all start with “myFolder”.

Best regards,

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Hi Marion,
Thank you for your help. It took me a while to figure it out but this time it works correctly !!!
It is a bit confusing to get the Folder, File, Sequence, names … etc…correctly though !!!
Batch Feature detector.protocol (13.1 KB)