Properties file help

I have 2 properties files that I generated from running pipelines in CP, but for some reason when I try to open them in CPA, nothing happens and the program crashes. Any thoughts on why that might be occurring?


Hi Natalie,

At this point, you should open your properties file in a text editor and inspect it. Also good to inspect your database Per_Image and Per_Object tables, to look for anomalies. You can post the prop file here and we can take a look too. If you run CPA in a command/terminal window, you can inspect the output and paste it here, too. Any crash logs on your machine might help as well.

Things to look for, for example:

  • Does CPA have access to the images? database tables?
  • Are the number of channels and their names correct in the properties file?
  • Do the columns “cell_x/y_loc” exist in the database?

These all should be ok, especially if ExportToDatabase is configured properly. But things can happen :smile: