Propcytoplasm Vs distcytoplasm



Dear Team,

Since,nuclear translocation assay gives you distance cytoplasm as well as propagated cytoplasm, I plotted two scatter plots of green florescence in nuclei (y-axis) vs either type of cytoplasm (x-axis).

I have attached the two plots.
There are remarkable differences b/w the two for same measurements except the type of cytoplasm used.
I have two queries in this regard:

  1. What conclusion can be made from these plots?
  2. Which type: should we use for further study?

Plz help so that correct conclusions can be drawn out.
Mridul KK



Answering your questions depends heavily on the method you used to create your cytoplasm object. You will need to take a look at the cytoplasm objects and see whether it accurately outlines your cells of interest or not (or at least, whether one method does better than the other).

Since the methods in IdentifySecondary perform the identification of the cell boundaries differently, which one is appropriate is specific to your needs and the image quality that you are using as input.