Project with videos of different species/breeds

Hello All,

I have a question to put to the forum regarding deeplabcut. I have a number of videos of different lizard species (gecko, iguana, Komodo dragon e.t.c.). With regards to tracking, should I use the same network for all the videos across all species or use a different network for each species?

The number of joints is the same for all videos.

Many Thanks

Could you share some images to show how diverse they are? You may want to make separate networks depending on how variable they look.


I’m afraid at the time of writing my colleague has the hard drive with the videos and images on them. However, I have provided links below to some of the free to use videos we have used in our video set.

I hope that helps to illustrate matters.

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cool videos :slight_smile: But yes, I would make separate networks for these, as the background, etc is quite different, but the videos are very good quality so you likely don’t need to label a lot of frames per animal - good luck!

Thanks for the advice.

Its good to hear you don’t think we’ll need many labelled frames as we’ve only done about 20-30 per video but thanks for letting us know the best direction to go in.