Progressive slowdown

I am running the same image repeatedly in CellProfiler to test and modify my pipeline. However, as I run the program, it gets slower and slower over time until finally the program stops responding. I am at a loss as to what is happening. Any suggestions?

Hi Racel,

Does this issue still occur if you exit test mode and restart?

In any case, we are revamping the CP measurement structure under the hood; our revisions should take care of this issue, I believe. As in your prior question, I’ll point you to the latest public build from source code here, with the extra caveat that the stability of this new measurement structure is still being assessed, so keep that in mind.


Restarting the program does fix the issue. But of course, it will eventually slow down again, which forces me to restart. Closing the windows after every run prolongs the length of time between restarts. I am concerned about what will happen when I run hundreds of images at a time. Will this issue cause it to freeze during analysis?