Processing .rek files generated using Procon CT mini

I am very much new to ImageJ and exploring if I can open the .rek file generated by Procon CT mini scanner and process the data. The scan object is a small plastic tube used in irrigation. I went through the user guide of ImageJ 1.46 but did not find a mention about this file format. Please guide.


What you want to look into is usingBio-Formats. Checking their list of supported formats - I do not see .rek files at the moment. But you can discuss with them moving forward… possibly adding that file type to the list.

(I added the ‘bio-formats’ tag to include them in this discussion.)

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At least from the opensource side I’m afraid that I’m not aware of any current plan to add .rek file support to Bio-Formats. Building open collaborations for the sustainable support of proprietary file formats from OME’s blog still reflects the situation well. We focus on open formats but we’re generally happy to help vendors to provide good OME-TIFF export or, where they need to use their own format, to help them to create a Bio-Formats reader that can read them. We certainly don’t have the resources to figure out and support every proprietary format ourselves but we do at least keep track of community interest so I have created an issue, new format: .rek file from Procon CT mini scanner. Certainly feel free to encourage the vendor to contact OME about achieving format support for ProCon products: it’d at least be good for them to know it matters to customers.