Processing of a large number of image

After loading about 1600 tiff data into Fiji and want to make it into a Stack, but the process is very slow and freezes in the middle. Is there any way to smoothly load a large amount of data other than reducing the amount of data? I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me.

Have you tried dragging the folder containing your files on the Fiji bar and use “virtual stack”?




Thank you for your answer. After dragging, the data doesn’t finish opening and freezes. I never tried “virtual stack”. I will try after the data opening succeeded.

You are supposed to File > Import the images using a virtual stack. That is a box you can tick while importing; with a bit of luck your file names allow for ‘import image sequence’.
After you point to the folder containing the tiff files, a dialog follows where you can set the specifics.

In this way, I can choose only one tiff image data, I would like to choose about 1600 images.

What is your naming scheme? Does it not allow for ‘open image sequence’?

Have you looked into loading the list of file names (look for recursive folder processing in the forum), opening the first, then repetetively opening the next, copy its contents, close that next image, adding a slice to the first one (use getImageID() and selectImage() to select the appropriate windows), pasting in the last slice, until you have processed the whole folder, then save the tiff (at least, if you have enough memory)?

If you are short on physical memory, you can open the first image as a single-sliced virtual stack (virtual stacks can be recognised by the “(V”) in the window title once they are open), then perorm the procedure described above.
run("TIFF Virtual Stack...", "open=[the first file.tif]");

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Thanks to your advice, File > Import > Image Sequence... allowed over 1,000 sequence images to be opened successfully!