Process Motic format slide (*mds) image quickly

Hey everyone! My team have a batch mds slide image to annotion, but motic official viewer is too helpless so I have to transfer files into *tiff format by pma.start python APIs, after a few files processed I found it takes too much time than openslide, however openslide doesn’t support mds. So is there any plan can solve this problem? Thank you guys.

You may want to convert the tiff format to a tiled tiff (OME-TIFF through QuPath or BioFormats), then it should be openable much more quickly. The conversion itself is slow, however.

Indeed, pma.start API is so slow, but it’s the only way I know to export mds into tiff format now.

Do you have the option to save as svs format? I don’t know much about the Motic.

SVS is also a private format, nobody developed a toolkit to write that yet.

Right, but I read that svs was an option for the Motic (I don’t have one and don’t know if that was accurate). If so, svs files can be opened by readers like BioFormats.

I believe you can have a try by using Motic DSAssitant software. But I haven’t figured out how to annotion with that yet, the way I’m using is transfering into tiff then view on ASAP for now.

Are you able to share the code you used for the API to convert the .mds to .tif?

Same request as above. Would it be possible for you to share the code you used to convert .mds to .tiff?