Procedure to calculate Bone volume fraction



Dear User,
I am totally new to Image J. Please guide me through the step-by-step instruction to calculate bone volume fraction. I have 1200 x-ray slice images to construct 3d volume. I also not aware to build 3D volume and then how to calculate bone volume fraction.



So I am not too familiar with bone measurements myself… but I can at least point you to a tool you could potentially use for your analysis: BoneJ. I’m assuming based on what you briefly describe - that this page on Volume Fraction will be most applicable.

If you have more questions - just post again here on the Forum - we are here to help.



Thanks Etarena,
I just came across this plugin. Just started using it. I have few more questions on the usage and procedure to use it.


I am using X-ray scanned slice images.

  1. First I import all the images by “image-sequence”
  2. Then I create ROI using ROI manager.
    Start using BoneJ, here onwards
  3. Optimize the Threshold
  4. Measure volume fraction within ROI (I assume it is taking all images into account)

I was just wondering that what is the grey value it choose to detect the bone in images and how it it define the threshold?
Please somebody light the path here