Problems with the module


I am working with mosaic pictures in zeiss format (zvi) and to work with them in Cellprofiler, I export them to tif files. There are 2 ways; I either state that I want them as a merged pictures or I get 12 mosaic pictures from each file. I prefer to use the merged version since it otherwise takes too long to process all the individual pictures, but I get an error message in the “CorrIlluminationCalcuate” module saying:
Error while processing CorrectIlluminationCalculate: Image must be grayscale but it was color.

I don’t get that error if I process the images unmerged. Very thankful for help!



Hi Enas,

Could the software you using for conversion actually be encoding the merged images as color? You could test this by inserting a ColorToGray module prior to CorrIlluminationCalcuate and set it to combine any channels into a grayscale image and feed that into CorrIlluminationCalcuate. If that succeeds, then you know that you had a color image to begin with, in which case, you’ll probably want to go back to the software and see if you if get the merged result to be output as grayscale.