Problems with Setting the Scale of tiff images

I am doing research on mCT 2D images of human teeth. The scans are firstly manipulated with Avizo software, but I prefer to do the actual measurements in ImageJ, which is much easier to use. I save a tiff snapshot of the image together with scale bars, and then import the image into ImageJ. I then set the scale by drawing a line across the scale bars. Usually, 1mm = 50-60 pixels. The problem is that this is never sufficiently accurate, no matter how carefully I try to draw the line. I have noticed that there is always a small discrepency between measurements taken in Avizo and measurements taken in ImageJ. Is there any way round this problem?

If you find a way to read out the pixel size in the Avizo software, you can set the exact value in ImageJ using the pixel width and pixel height fields in Image :arrow_forward: Properties…, see also the documentation.

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