Problems with netbeans, eclipse & plugin combinations

Hi all,

I am strugging quite a bit. I have been trying very hard the last days to get my plugin development transferred from the FIJI/ImageJ editor to an IDE like eclipse or Netbeans.

I have found many tutorials on how to do it, but none of them seem to work for me.


Each time i run into the problem of the maven enforcer from the scijava that will not allow me to build my files.
The issue has been reported here before

But the solution does not seem to work for me.
I’ve tried following, but get the same problem

How should i go about it now, to get my plugins developped like this?
I am no expert using ide’s but i think it would help my development quite a lot, in addition i want to create plugins for interaction with omero, this used to be easy with the plugin site, but since we migrated to version 5.6. there is no plugin site available anymore and i can no longer interact

Hope someone can help

Ok, after another day of struggling i managed in eclipse.

I cannot open the git clone directly from the web. however when i download the zip i can import it locally as a maven project.

I can add external jars to get my dependencies in properly, however it does not seem to work if i add them to the pom.xml file?

So to get it to work i need to locate all the jars that contain the proper classes from another ImageJ/FIJI copy. But i am wondering if this is the only option, or am i still misiing things.

I dont’t have much experience using IDEs so any advice would be welcomed