Problems with ImageJ Plot Profile in Micromanager

Hi, Even though this problem involves ImageJ, it is in its embedded form within MicroManager. I applied to be accepted on the Micromanager Forum a month ago and have not had acknowledgment nor can I talk to anyone there. In desperation, I am wondering if the ImageJ forum can assist, or direct me to a real person in MicroManager.

I have been using ImageJ’s (Ver 1.51i and r) very useful Plot Profile on a linear series of objects in still images to measure 8-bit gray levels for some time. I recently bought a new camera (AmScope MU503B) so I could do the same analysis on live images using Micromanager (Ver 2.0.0-beta 3 20171122) with its embedded ImageJ (Ver 1.49h).

When using MicroManager and ImageJ’s Plot Profile in ‘live’ mode, I have been using the ImageJ cursor to find the base and the peak grey levels (usually 150 and 130 respectively) of the linear objects. However, when I change the focus or change the selected area, the ‘y’ range changes and causes an immediate loss of 1:1 correlation between the cursor values and the corresponding ‘y’ values. For example, the ‘y’ value may be 150, but the cursor is saying it is say 130. The same with the height of any drawn rectangle on the Profile - e.g. the real height (difference in ‘y’ values) may be 10 gray levels, but the cursor is saying it is 3 gray levels depending upon the windows history since making it ‘live’. I have to quit and restart Plot Profile to correct this problem which is then useless if I make any focus or selected area change.

I have tested stand-alone versions of ImageJ (Ver 1.49v, 1.50i, 1.50r) and ImageJ2 (Ver 2.0.0-rc-43/1/1.51r) on still images and any change of the selected area making a major change in the ‘y’ value of the Plot does NOT create the problems listed above - the ‘y’ values and differences are accurately reflected in the cursor values.

Can anyone please assist me in fixing this problem or getting me in touch with MicroManager?

When I try to update ImageJ within MicroManager, using the Help/Update menu, the message comes up ‘Release Notes are not in the expected format’. I have located the ImageJ file in the MicroManager Directory but cannot see how to update it directly. Is anyone please able to sort this out and perhaps give me instructions on how to do it?

Many thanks