Problems with extracting metadata


I have been using Cell Profiler for a long time and I’m currently using version 2.1.1.
I am using a pipeline to analyse different sets of images and I found that after having used a pipeline for a couple of different sets of images CellProfiler stopped extracting metadata for the “site” field. What surprises me the most is that this error seems to only occur when I export the data to a spreadsheet since in the Metadata module CellProfiler recognises the different fields of the regular expression (well, Site, Plate and Channel number).
How is it possible that a pipeline that used to extract all the metadata stopped doing so?
I’ve been reading quite some of the posts regarding extracting metadata and I just simply can’t see what is wrong with my pipeline.

Thanks a lot in advance for the help!

In ExportToSpreadsheet, there is an option to include/exclude columns from your export. Perhaps the Site column is unchecked? You can post your pipeline here and we can take a look too. It sounds unusual.