Problems to update Fiji, updater closes


A user of my organization encounter some problems to update Fiji. The machine is an iMac running Mac OS 10.14.6.

When we try to update the software via “help”, “update…”, it shows the update menu during one second, and the menu closes itself without going farther…

I have updated the software by a new download (the last version), and the issue is the same, we can’t update the software by this way. We have the last version of Java.

An idea? Thank you and best regards!

Hi @Matthieu,

sorry for the trouble and thank you for letting us know! We cannot reproduce this issue here in the lab, tested on Linux and Mac with a freshly downloaded Fiji. Are you behind a proxy? Is anything printed to the console (Window > Console)? Can you launch Fiji in debug mode and let us know what gets printed to the console?




When I try to update the software, the console write “[INFO] Reading available sites from

The debug mode write the following information:

 Last login: Mon Sep 30 18:56:57 on console
/Applications/ ; exit;
(base) svdhcp-1-085:~ shsun$ /Applications/ ; exit;
[INFO] Reading available sites from
Assertion failed: (result), function NSISIconImageRepGetCGImage, file /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/, line 73.
Abort trap: 6
Saving session...
...copying shared history...
...saving history...truncating history files...

[Process completed]

Thank you for your help and best regards.

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@Matthieu Interesting, I’ve not seen this error before! :wink:

Firstly, note that everything from logout onward is part of macOS’s bash handler (see here for details). The issue appears to be that something crashes Java.

Have you tried running Fiji with a different version of Java? In particular, the bug might be fixed in a later version of Java 8. You can download OpenJDK 8 binaries from AdoptOpenJDK or from Zulu.

It may also be a bug in Apple’s AppKit library. Does this machine have the latest Mojave (macOS 10.14) patches? If so, you could try updating to Catalina… although I personally would recommend against that, since Catalina may have new problems running Fiji.

@ctrueden yesterday @turekg downloaded a fresh Fiji and ran the updater on her Catalina system without any problems.

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