Problems loading 16 bit image

Hi there,

I am having trouble loading 16 bit images into CellProfiler. They appear as just noise, both in the Display Window and when I attempt to save them.
I have created a simple pipeline (simplepipe.cp, attached) to try to troubleshoot this issue, that just loads the images. Unchecking “rescale intensities” does not help the problem.

If I convert the images to 8 bit, they load fine, but I’d rather not do this if possible.

The image information is as follows, if this helps:
Image Width: 9038 Image Length: 6032
Bits/Sample: 16
Compression Scheme: LZW
Photometric Interpretation: min-is-black
Samples/Pixel: 1
Rows/Strip: 1
Planar Configuration: single image plane
Predictor: horizontal differencing 2 (0x2)

An example the “noisy” loaded image is attached. as problemsloading.pdf (NB: “problemloading.pdf” also includes an image of an attempt to rescale the intensities). The actual input image file is too large to upload, but I have attached a cropped version (1cropped.tif). When I run the cropped version through the pipeline, the saved output image is just white.

Thanks for your help! And I apologize if this is simple…

problemsloading.pdf (61.8 KB)
simplepipe.cp (2.45 KB)


I don’t seem to be experiencing this problem; see posted screenshot of the image. Are you running Mac or Windows? I also notice that you are running one of the trunk builds; can I ask why?