Problem with vigra and other

Hi everybody,

I’m a real noob in CellProfiler. Not sure if these problem had already been treated here but I can’t find answers…Anyway, I installed CP but since the beginning, each time I launch it, there is a black window warning me about trouble in importating vigra library and others stuffs like that :smiley:
So I try to install Vigra but it doesn’t solved the problem…maybe I didn’t installed it in the right way cause the link "’ provided doesn’t work anymore.
But, thing is, CP could work even with this black window. So I try to use the colocalization pipeline provided by CP. When I launched it, I got this
No problem, I continue anyway but then I got several warning issues…

and when I carfully look at it, it says : “No applicable predicate for token 255.0”…which I must say means NOTHING to me lol !
So here it is, I’m really stuck and it’s too bad cause I’m sure CP could be really useful for my images analysis and als make me save a lot of time. Sorry if it was unclear or too long or with a bad english ! Thank you in advance !


  1. Don’t worry too much about the stuff in the window in case you have a problem- a lot of it has to do with version issues of things we’re phasing out of the program anyway.
  2. I just replicated this issue on my own machine- the problem is basically that the version of CP you’re using, 2.1.1, is a very old version of the program, older than the example pipeline you downloaded, and that pipeline isn’t backwards compatible. It looks like you’re using Windows- there’s unfortunately not a new stable release (coming soon!), but I’d suggest downloading the 2.3.0 Beta. Other example pipelines (such as “Human cytoplasm-nucleus translocation assay (SBS Vitra)”) work just fine on 2.1.1, and you can definitely analyze your own data on 2.1.1 if you like. The new Beta (and new stable when it’s available) do add a lot of features though, so definitely consider checking those out!