Problem with total void pixels

Hello everyone,

I’am using BoneJ2 to get the pore size distribution of porous materials, with the Thickness tool. It was perfectly working untill now.
Today I processed a stack of CT images from raw data to Trabecular Thickness (crop, bandpass filter, convert in 8-bit, threshold and thickness with BoneJ).

My problem concern the total of void pixels between stack processed in black and white, and stack of Trabecular Thickness (37% higher). My relative and cumulative porosity are then completly false

Is anyone have had the same problem?

Many thanks,


Did you use the option,

Mask thickness maps : remove artifacts from the thickness maps. Artifacts are foreground voxels not present in the original image.

No, I didn’t check that option for my recent work, and it seems I checked it before without any idea of it’s utility.

Thanks Mr Doube for that reply, and thanks for the plugin.