Problem with the window : allow usage data collection?


When using the slice geometry tool, a window pops up saying “Allow usage data collection?”

This window is bugged, its buttons cannot be clicked and it is blocking ImageJ.

Did anyone had this issue before?

This is a new one. Which OS, Java version, ImageJ version and BoneJ versions are you using?

I am using Windows 10, Java 8 update 211, ImageJ 1.52r, BoneJ2

Here is a screenshot of the window that pops up:

I have a newly installed, up to date Fiji with BoneJ2 on Windows 10 that works OK.

Java 1.8.0_172, ImageJ 1.52p

Please install a fresh Fiji in another directory and see if the error happens again.

Should look like this (but with Windows window decoration):

It is pretty weird that only part of the text is displayed. I suspect something is wrong with your installation.
EDIT: It’s not installation dependent.

I reinstalled fiji in another directory, even with another computer and I had the same issue.

I found a solution, i reinstalled fiji and then simply by opening another tool than Slice Geometry the message appeared normally and i was able to answer. Then it stopped appearing in Slice Geometry.

Anyway thank you for your help!

I can reproduce this now that you explain that it’s only from Slice Geometry and only if it’s the first thing you run.

Anyone else having this problem can set usage data collection in Edit > Options > BoneJ Usage (Legacy)

Also happens in Ubuntu - not just a Windows problem. Bug report created at

I tried all of the above but it still freezes. Re-installed. Ran several procedures before going to Slice Geometry. Kept a few open. Any thoughts?
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I also did the Edit>Options>BoneJ thing. :slight_smile:

Okay, I realised that under Edit>Options> there are “BoneJ usage legacy” and “BoneJ usage modern”. The first time around I did the latter, but after seeing the former I tried it and it worked. I must have the legacy version, for some reason. Goodness knows what version I installed. Thanks for the very helpful advice above…

BoneJ2 has a bit of both. It’s a mongrel at the moment, with some carried-over old-style (Legacy) code from BoneJ1, and some new ImageJ2-style (Modern) code. That’s mostly transparent to users, but sometimes breaks through with menu items like these.

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