Problem with Table.showArrays

I have a problem with printing my results from an analysis macro to a table. If I try to print more than one array to a table it does not show up. Here is a small macro to demonstrate the issue:

foo = newArray(1,2,3);
bar = newArray(4,5,6);
// works with one array
Table.showArrays("title1", foo);
// does not work with two arrays
Table.showArrays("title2", foo, bar);
// works with two arrays"title3", foo, bar);

In my understanding Table.showArrays and should give the same output. But the table title2 does not show up. There is no error message. Is this a bug? I am using Fiji (ImageJ 1.53c, Java1.8.0_172 (64bit)).

I used the macro stub and get the following output:


It seems to work here. With a fully up to date Fiji. ImageJ 1.53e Java 1.8.0_172.
OS was Ubuntu.

Hi, I tested for my problem on different Systems and after reboot of the troublesome PC as well. It’s gone :grimacing: So, thanks for checking. Probably there was something odd when I experienced the issue.

Never mind. It works now - also my full script.