Problem with pipeline (0,0 must be a floating-point number

Hello. I have a cellprofiler pipeline version 3.1.5 that was made for my lab in 2017 for counting red blood cells. I know it’s not up to date, so I’m trying to fix it while updating it. While running it, it give me an error message "(0,0 must be a floating-point number. Are you sure you want to continue?"I click on yes and it gives me two oranges x’s that won’t let me identify the primary object when the pipeline is finished running. I don’t know if this is enough information to fix it or even if I explained it well enough. I figured I give it a try in the forum after I had no luck finding similar errors elsewhere. Thank you.

I had a similar error when trying to run a CP2 pipeline in 3.1.8. In the conversion process, I felt that CP converted two numbers from separate fields into a single field with the numbers separated by a comma (clearly not a floating point number). It’s been a while, but I’m pretty sure it was in an ID Objects module, and the problem was in the segmentation threshold fields. Check the module that has the red X and check that the threshold values set are actual numbers.