Problem with picture quality in ImageJ (pictures are pixelated)

Hey community! :slight_smile:

I have to analyse pictures showing seedlings with ImageJ and I need to measure the length of the seedlings.
This worked perfect for over a year.

But now, after opening/importing one picture or a series, the picture quality is worsened in ImageJ because the pictures are very pixelated then.
This is not normally the case. The quality of the pictures is good - you can check it at the attached photo, the ImageJ version is on the left.

ImageJ problem 1 2021|300x500

My pictures are scans in jpg format and I used ImageJ in the last year to analyse them. Never had this problem before.
I don’t know what changed, my system hasn’t been changed (it has no connection to the internet).

I would be very relieved if someone has a solution for this problem because with this kind of pixelation I cannot distinguish enough between the roots or where one root ends next to some other root.

I work with ImageJ 1.52 or 1.53, I tried older versions of ImageJ and Fiji, no change.!

Seems to be the same problem like this:

But for me, the problem is not solved with zooming in. Thats not possible in my case because I need an overview about the seedlings.

Because I don’t know if many of you can see that I asked my question there I decided to create a new thread. Hope that this is okay.

Hope that you have ideas to solve this problem!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Found a solution: removing the antivirus security and the problem was gone :slight_smile: