Problem with magnifying glass on multiple screens

I have encountered a problem when using 4 screens in a square configuration in windows 7. If I have the ImageJ image windows on the main monitor or on a monitor which is at the same vertical position as the main monitor then there is no problem. However, if I have the main monitor (with the windows taskbar) at the bottom left, and I have in ImageJ image window open on one of the top monitors then when I use the magnifying glass to zoom in it makes the window size larger and part of it is on the bottom screen (changing also the ratio between width and hieght). If I then change the window size manually and zoom in further then there is no problem until I zoom back out far enough and then try to zoom in again and it happens once more.

I thought of a way to fix this, if I could access the macro for the built-in magnifying glass which can be found on the toolbar, and this would also allow me to prevent the window from shrinking when I zoom out, which I also don’t want.
Is there any way to access this macro (or create it, if it is not a macro at all?). I tried by myself, but encountered multiple problems, especially that a right-mouse-button click opens a menu (and if I disable this menu it still doesn’t register the “4” when using getCursorLoc).

Thank you.