Problem with identify objects-

problem with identify objects- format of attachments


I’m working with mesenchymal cells images are all phase contrast gray color. I am trying to identify changes in eccentricity and area shape in nc compared to 141-1 (attached images). I developed a pipeline (attached) and tried to set the parameters that most likely detected cells correctly but still I get many falsely detected cells. I am thinking maybe I can use the identify objects manually but that would be my last option if I can not enhance parameters of identify primary and secondary objects modules.

Please let me know if you have suggestions, thanks!!
eccentricity-area shape.cpproj (97.1 KB)

In other words, do you have any suggestions on how I can enhance my pipeline that would help better detect cells? thanks!

This looks to be a re-post of this thread: Cells as primary objects rather than secondary objects
Is that correct?