Problem with Help / modules dialog



I think I’ve found a problem with the Help / Modules Help dialog. If I select a module in the list and click OK, then the help is shown for the module above in the list. for example if I select “Average” then I get the help up for ApplyThreshold etc.

This appears to be a problem on both Linux (Centos 5.2 64 bit) and Windows (XP SP2 32 bit). I’m using CellProfiler 1.0.5811 on both platforms.



Thanks for pointing this out. We’ve been aware of this problem and it will be fixed in an upcoming release.




This bug is present for me in 7522, compiled for XP32.



The “?” button beneath the pipeline on the main panel also no longer displays the correct help for the selected module.

Help for some of the newer modules (which look very interesting! I suspect I might have just spent a lot of time working on something similar) seems to be missing.



Running 1.0.7522 compiled, Vista 64-bit version. Also seems to have Module Help issues. Clicking on Module Help/"?" does not show the correct help topic.


Hi all,

yes, we’re aware this problem still persists. It requires changing a few files that we don’t typically change upon compilation, and these were missed in the most recent branch release. In the Developer’s version, the help is (and has been) correct. If you are looking for the help for a particular module, pick the help one below, and that will be the correct one.