Problem with FIJI installing cell motility plugin (ADAPT) and feature.jar

I am trying to install Cellmotility (ADAPT) plugin but I got an error window on FIJI
Furthermore, feature.jar appears in red and I do not know what should I do because in every update it is shown in red.
How can I solve this?
Thanks for any help

Please, see attached

the image

Hi @Pablo_M,

Sorry, I’ve only just come across this thread now. I’m the author of the ADAPT plugin. The error you are getting related to the Data_Analysis.jar is a known issue - rerunning the installer should resolve this problem.

FeatureJ is completely separate and is not dependent on ADAPT. However, it appears that your local copy of FeatureJ as been modified somehow - if you click on “locally modified” in the updater window, you should have the option to reinstall from the FIJI update site, which should resolve the problem.


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Thank you , I will try to solve it