Problem with Fiji 3D Viewer (apparently Win10), horizontal black and green lines

Dear all,
I checked the forum for a solution, but couldn’t find any.
I use fiji (ImageJ 1.53f; Java 1.8.0_172 (64-bit) on a Windows10 machine.)

Recently when I started 3D viewer again, I get some horizontal black and green lines (see attached). The log page is empty.
Updating my graphic’s drivers, ImageJ, or reinstallation did not solve the issue.
Interestingly, I found the same on a win10 machine at work.

However, on a win7 computer 3Dviewer worked. So I think it has something to do with an update of Win10.

Maybe it is a known problem and one could provide easy help which I would appreciate a lot.

Thank you very much,

P.S.: Maybe this Java3D info log helps, as I think this could be also the problem:
Java 3D properties

j3d.pipeline JOGL
j3d.specification.version 1.6
j3d.version 1.6.0-scijava-2-pre11-daily-experimental daily
j3d.renderer OpenGL

Rendering properties

textureEnvCombineAvailable true
textureImageUnitsCombinedMax 192
textureAnisotropicFilterDegreeMax 16.0
texture3DHeightMax 2048
textureLodOffsetAvailable false
texture3DDepthMax 2048
textureLodRangeAvailable true
textureHeightMax 16384
textureFilter4Available false
doubleBufferAvailable true
compressedGeometry.majorVersionNumber 1
stereoAvailable false
textureAutoMipMapGenerationAvailable true
sceneAntialiasingAvailable false
compressedGeometry.minorVersionNumber 0
texture3DWidthMax 2048
compressedGeometry.minorMinorVersionNumber 2
vertexAttrsMax 10
shadingLanguageGLSL true
sceneAntialiasingNumPasses 0
native.vendor Intel
textureUnitStateMax 8
native.version 4.5.0 - Build
textureImageUnitsMax 32
textureNonPowerOfTwoAvailable true
textureBoundaryWidthMax 1
native.renderer Intel® UHD Graphics 620
textureCoordSetsMax 8
texture3DAvailable true
textureImageUnitsVertexMax 32
textureWidthMax 16384
stencilSize 0
textureCombineDot3Available true
textureDetailAvailable false
textureCubeMapAvailable true
textureSharpenAvailable false
textureCombineSubtractAvailable true
textureColorTableSize 0

UPDATE: I found a Win10 computer on which 3D viewer works. It uses Intel® HD Graphics 4400 as native renderer and j3d.version “1.6.0-scijava-2-pre11-daily-experiment daily”.
So I have no clue for what reason it doesn’t work on my system.


The issue is with the GPU/CPU usage. See here: Messed up 3D viewer

Basically, you need to whitelist Fiji on your GPU

Hope this helps.


Hi Matthieu,

Thank you very much! You comment was extremely helpful!

My solution involved:

  1. Change graphics used from Intel to Nvidia
  2. follow this guide in that forum:

(It involves adding Fiji to the list of software which is supported by the nvidia on my computer).

Thank you very much for the kind help!

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