Problem with ExportToDatabase


I improved my pipeline (UntangleWorms) thanks to the suggestions I read in the forum.
Now, I have a new obstacle.
I tried to export the analyzed data to “ExportToDatabase” to an SQLite Database. The plan is to do more analyzes using CellProfiller-Analyst or SQLite.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t succeed to export the results of the pipeline.
I read the “help for ExportToDatabase module”, however, I didn’t find how to modify the setting to solve the error.

Windows10 system and CellProfiler version 3.1.9 were used.

Any suggestions on how to solve the export issue?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

RunAssayMay.cpproj (150.7 KB) trainingMay.xml (19.2 KB)

C2_IX_Trans_T61_Z0.ome.tif (2.8 MB) C4_IX_Trans_T61_Z0.ome.tif (2.8 MB) C7_IX_Trans_T61_Z0.ome.tif (2.8 MB) C8_IX_Trans_T61_Z0.ome.tif (2.8 MB)

When you say you “couldn’t succeed”, what do you mean by this? Do you see an error when you try to export the database? Or perhaps you can’t find the resulting file?

If you could post a copy of any errors you do see that would be helpful.

Hi, I see this error:

I don’t have the option to change to “plate” on the select the plate metadata:

Maybe the problem is related to the metadata?


I think I see what you mean. You might want to try switching the “Create one table per object, a single object table or single object view” setting to “One table per object type”. This might help to avoid any potential problems with filtered object sets. You’ll probably still see a warning about CellProfiler Analyst and single object tables, but that should be fine to work with in this instance.

Hi @DStirling ,

You right!
It’s working now. The pipeline enclouding the “ExportToDatabase” works fine.
Also, the file is opened in the CPA.

Many thanks,