Problem with exporting tracks from TrackMate to Matlab

Hi, I have a problem with exporting trackmate results to use it in Matlab (Trackart). I know that there was a thread started in November, but that was about using Trackmate in Matlab. Further, I did not really understand too much of that as I am quite dummy for programming. So, after running trackmate (by the way, it does an excellent job), I would like to transfer the tracks to Matlab to analyse them with Trackart. I export the data in the last window of trackart, I click on execute and I save the file. It is saved in an XML format on my computer. In Matlab I added the “scripts” folder of FIJI to the paths. Yet, when I start Trackart in Matlab and I try to open the XML file in the inport module of Trackart, an error message is returned, something like “files must be the same type or file not supported”.
I have been trying to solve this issue for two days, but I always finf the same websites, so I can not solve it on my own.
Any hint would be appreciated!
Kind regards

Hi @Leptopelis

Check the TrackMate paper supp info. The chapter 8 of the manual focuses on explaining how to import TrackMate results in MATLAB and show some examples of what you can do:

TrackMate PDF manual

Hi tinevez,

Thank you very much! I will go through that chapter next week.

Kind regards