Problem with BoneJ2 slice geometry

Hi All,

My colleague Mark and I stumbled over an issue with the latest BoneJ “Slice Geometry”.
The error is reproducible in Windows and Linux using the attached test image(test-tube.tif (988.9 KB)) and running “Slice Geometry” as shown in the picture below:

The 2D thickness on each slice throws NullPointerExceptions in certain threads (which threads varies from run to run):

And the mean, SD and max 2D thickness results are 0, NaN or other values. The values should be constant for each slice, as each slice is the same image:

Help is much appreciated.


Can you reproduce it in BoneJ1? that will give us an idea of where to start looking.

Edit: I tried but failed to reproduce this behaviour in BoneJ1

Also - please make a new issue:

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