Problem while running test in overlay outline

Dear Sir,

my name is naresh mahajan. i am doing Ph.D in Human genetics from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. INDIA.

sir i am trying to set the pipeline for the comet according to my pics, but its showing some problem. please suggest me the solution for the same. i shall be very thankful to you for this. please find enclosed pic and module/pipeline.


SilverStainCometAssay (10X images).cp (18.9 KB)

Hi Naresh,

I suggest the following, both in the first IdentifyPrimaryObjects module:

  • The lower threshold bound was set at 0.06, which is not appropriate for your images. If the actual threshold is less than this number, objects will not be detected properly. You should set this to 0, or see what value is appropriate for your images.
  • The typical diameter min/max values are not set appropriately for your images. You should set the min diameter to a smaller value to reflect your smaller objects.

Aside from this, for this image, there does not seem to be a tail to these comets like there are in the example comet pipeline/images from our website, so I’m not sure whether this matches your expected result.