Problem when exporting to excel (comma/dot?)



when i export my results to a CSV file, all the floats are written like that (eg. 0.06497).
as a matter of fact, Excel didn’t recognize that these are floats and I’m obliged to change the dot by comma manually.
So, can you help me if there is a solution to export on the right format like that (eg. 0,06497).


Good day Fares,

I would try to change the setting of Excel.

Did you try to import the CSV-file to Excel via its menu command. Then you can specify the separators etc.




Hello Herbie,
Yes, it’s the same situation .


What you write is a bit strange, because CSV means “Comma Separated Values” and if you need decimal commas instead of decimal points, this may lead to problems.

Did you open the file in a text editor and did you inspect in which format the values are actually written?

Did you change the CSV suffix to “.txt” and import the file via “Open” to Excel?




I know it’s annoying.
I think you have two possibilities:

  1. change the excel setting or system settings

  2. import time by time your csv and specify with advanced option what is decimal for you the comma or the dot

I use this kind of workaround usually.
And I export .csv or .txt from ImageJ/Fiji script