Problem using ImageJ Template matching plugin

@team, I have a problem using the template matching plugin in imagej, as described here: Template Matching and Slice Alignment--- ImageJ Plugins - ImageJ plugins by Qingzong TSENG. I have all the jar files mentioned in the documentation in my ImageJ plugins folder (I tried with the files in the “jars” folder, or with them directly in “plugins”), but it gives me an error message (plugins or class not found, “align_slices”). I am trying with the sample stack given in the documentation). I also tried to install it on a mac computer and also had no luck. I don’t know where I am missing something, and was thinking that maybe you had some advice.


I believe @qztseng is the best person to help you… I don’t have much experience with this particular tool myself.

If you are using FIJI, try to install it via the update manager (Menu>Help>Update…), and add the following URL via “Manage update sites”>“Add update site”

Most of the time it could solve the issue. If not, you can also try to install it on a fresh FIJI installation to avoid loading up conflicting shared libraries from other plugins.

Yes, that did it! Thank you!