Problem starting to use VIB protocol


I would like to use the VIB (virtual insect brain) plugin to perform scaling analyses on the brains of different drosophila species, i.e., I ultimately want to compare the relative volumes of distinct neuropils between species.

To get a sense of how this plugin is working, I’ve been trying out to use simple images first (can be found here : .

When I run the VIB protocol plugin, it opens the first dialogue window through which I specify the template and sample stacks as well as the output folder. At that point, the console displays an error message:
‘File C:\Users\ariane\Desktop\AAAoutput\labels\model.labels is not up-to-date, since it does not exist’

It then opens the labeling window. I used it to label 2 parts of the template image. After pressing OK… nothing else happens. The different folders are created in the output folder but they are all empty. The progress window indicates that the sampling was performed on the template image but that’s all.

Anybody has an idea of what I did wrong, and how I could solve this?

Thanks a lot in advance


Complementary info that might be useful?
When, instead of running VIB protocol on my test images, I directly go to the segmentation editor, which is identical to the VIB segmentation wizard, then I’m able to generate a labels file… while I don’t get it from within VIB protocol…

Hi Ariane,

welcome to the ImageJ Forum! I have tried running the plugin with your input files and indeed the plugin fails to generate any output. When the plugin is run, it looks for label files, but fails to find them (which makes sense, as they are not created yet):

I can select labels on model dataset, use interpolate function and etc. just fine:

however, when “OK” is clicked - nothing happens:

Interestingly - running “Segmentation Editor” to generate label files seems to generate files that the plugin is happy with, though still no output is produced. No error messages or any console logs are produced…

Maybe developers/maintainers of this plugin have a clue? @rimadoma @hinerm @Kota?