Problem running CP from command line


I’m trying to run CP on osx (snow lepoard) from a terminal window. If I naviagate to the executable in my Applications folder and run these commands CP opens briefly for a split second then closes.

pwd /Applications/ ./CellProfiler2.0 -r
Subversion revision: 10997
that’s it. nothing follows.

I’ve tried running with all the rest of a suggested command, but the behavior is exactly the same; opens briefly then closes.

full command:
$./CellProfiler2.0 -r -i /Users/johnm/imgs2b_processed -o /Users/johnm/outputfolder -p /Users/johnm/Desktop/cp_pipeline.cp

I’ve tried it with and without the ‘-c’ headless command, but that doesn’t help.

Thanks in advance! John

Hi John,

Does ‘./CellProfiler2.0 -p <pipeline_name>’ work? (It should open CP and just load the pipeline.)