Problem running cellprofiler on Mac OS 10.4



I downloaded cellprofiler and have X11 installed, but when I run cellprofiler.command I get the following:

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chembio-tps33:~ tadpoles$ /Applications/MAC_CellProfilerv1/CellProfiler.command; exit
Fatal error loading library /Applications/MAC_CellProfilerv1/MCR/v73/bin/mac/libmwmclmcr.dylib Error: dlopen(/Applications/MAC_CellProfilerv1/MCR/v73/bin/mac/libmwmclmcr.dylib, 9): Library not loaded: /usr/X11R6/lib/libXext.6.dylib
Referenced from: /Applications/MAC_CellProfilerv1/MCR/v73/bin/mac/libmwhg.dylib
Reason: image not found
[Process completed]

Is there some step I’m missing?



[quote=“Charlie Anderson”](/Applications/MAC_CellProfilerv1/MCR/v73/bin/mac/libmwmclmcr.dylib, 9): Library not loaded: /usr/X11R6/lib/libXext.6.dylib

Is there some step I’m missing?


It appears that you have not installed the most recent X11. Please go to the download page and download the most recent X11 from the Macintosh website. Once it is installed, you should be able to run the software.

Did this work?


I have been thinking about this, and I am curious about something. If installing the latest X11 does not solve your problem, please type this command:


in an X11 terminal and paste the output here. In the CellProfiler.command we do the following:

export DISPLAY=":0.0"

which is necessary for the terminal to be set up properly. If the output is not “:0.0” in your X11 terminal, you may need to edit this line.