Problem opening a 32-bit image in OMERO.iViewer and OMERO.figure

Dear @OMETeam ,

We recently came across an issue with a 32-bit ratio-image that one of our users generated in Fiji by dividing two other images and saving the result as .tif (ID 168115 on your omero server).
This 32-bit image displays fine in the OMERO web client and also opens fine in the classic Image Viewer, but It does not open in the iViewer and also not in figure, see screenshots of the error messages below.


I re-saved the tif as .ics using Bio-Formats, but the issue was the same. Do you have an idea what could be done to show the 32-bit image in OMERO.figure, or hat might be the problem with this particular image file?

Thank you for your help!


It looks like the JSON being loaded is not valid JSON, probably because there’s an invalid value in there somewhere. E.g. If any of the numbers such as channel min/max values are Nan, then the JSON is invalid.

If you can have a look at the JSON at e.g. /figure/imgData/IMAGE_ID/ or /iviewer/image_data/IMAGE_ID/. Just open the URL in your browser.

I use a JSON formatting Chrome extension and I can see when I’m viewing invalid JSON as it doesn’t get formatted.
Hope that helps,

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Hi @will-moore ,
thank you for your reply!
I now check the image for values that could be invalid, and indeed found plenty of “Infinity”.
So I think that’s the issue here - I am now checking on how to avoid them :slight_smile:

EDIT: The pixel value thats specified in Fiji when dividing by zero can be changed here:
Edit > Options > Misc > Divide by zero value: Infinity

This is by default set to “Infinity”, but one could change it for “NaN”.