Problem Loading Muscle Fiber Images

I get this error message when uploading my muscle fiber images (TIFF files). 'Image J can only open 8 and 16 bit/channel images (12). I have a colleague that collected and saved his images in the same manner, but his are able to be loaded for tracing.

Anyone else encountered this?


Sorry for the delay in response… what version of ImageJ are you using? You can find it by clicking on the status bar.

It appears you might be using the older ImageJ1 version (you can look up the different ‘flavors’ of ImageJ here). Have you thought about using Fiji? Fiji is Just ImageJ - it is simply a distribution of ImageJ that comes with a bunch of plugins bundled - ready for you to use out-of-the-box. We recommend downloading/using Fiji.

Ideally - images should be opened using Bio-Formats (File > Import > Bio-Formats). This comes built-in in Fiji… :slight_smile:

Hope this helps solve the issue!

eta :slight_smile: