Problem loading custom PositionList properties

Hi all,

I’ve been adding some custom properties to a PositionList used in a plugin, and I can see that this information is saved in the .pos file by searching for the appropriate key/value strings. Unfortunately, after loading the .pos file (using the PositionList popup from the main GUI), when I list the properties, the keys all show up, but on accessing the corresponding values, everything comes up as an empty string. If I save the PositionList from the popup after loading (without changing anything), the custom values are not saved in the .pos file, so I think the problem might be with the loading of the list

Some example code below:

    PositionList xypos_for_acq = gui_.positions().getPositionList();
    for(MultiStagePosition pos : xypos_for_acq){
        String[] names = pos.getPropertyNames();
        for (String name : names){
            System.out.println(name+": "+pos.getProperty(name));


Hi @Sunil,

Sounds like a bug. Can you open a ticket on GitHub - micro-manager/micro-manager: Microscope control and image acquisition integrated with ImageJ.?

Thanks for fixing this - looks to be behaving in the plugin form the last nightly build!

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