Problem Installing TANGO



I have the MongoDB installed, but I cannot connect to the database when I initializeTANGO. I think there is something wrong at the step where I go to TANGO/Configure/Create MongoDB Service. A cmd.exe window comes up and I don’t know what I’m supposed to type. I’ve attached a screen capture image of what I see. I welcome your suggestions. Thank you.




Hi @ConfocalIndy,

What version of TANGO and MongoDB are you using ? Can you post the image ?




Hi Dr. Boudier,

I’m not sure which version of MongoDB I’m using. Probably newer than 3.0. I’m not sure how to choose only the 3.0 version. Actually I’m not sure that the database actually installed properly either. I uploaded my screen capture and welcome your advice. Thank you very much. PrintScreenTANGO|nullxnull


I’m having problems uploading the screencapture. I notice that if you right-click on the name of the image and select “Open in a new tab”, the tiff image does come up. Thanks.


Here is the screen capture from my latest attempt. Thank you.ScreenCaptureTANGO2|nullxnull