Problem in Coloc_2

i then checked this file, but it is there!
i’m using imagej 1.52m

And the version of Fiji is 3.0.5
Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

this file exists


Thanks for posting this here on the forum!

So… I’m a bit confused. Based on the first snapshot you provided - it looks like you are running the most recent version of ImageJ1 : 1.52m. We recommend that folks download and use Fiji - it comes with Coloc 2 - so will work right away. I’m not quite understanding your setup in particular based on these snapshots… so if i were you: Just download a new installation of Fiji (follow the link above) … and let us know if things work in this case.

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Thanks for your suggestion! I will try.

I second @etadobson’s advice: you won’t be able to run Coloc 2 just by dropping a .java source file into ImageJ 1.x. The Fiji distribution of ImageJ exists precisely to avoid these sorts of installation headaches. Just download it, and Coloc 2 should work “out of the box.” If not—let us know here.

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The Fiji distribution works! Thanks!